Mugele Technik GmbH, Iggingen-Brainkofen

Procurement, storage and disposition of C-Parts.

C-Parts are understood as mainly being small parts in the automotive industry, which are deemed as too time consuming because of their high volume and low price.

Mugele Technik GmbH takes over the procurement of C-Parts and the overall quality aspect for the client and their suppliers. This includes among other things, complete initial sampling, supplier support or complaints handling.

These parts are then shipped via sea freight in the appropriate packaging from the Mugele Brainkofen plant to other locations around the world such as, Georgia and Michigan in the USA or even Mexico.

In case of shortages or even a line shutdown, Mugele can supply parts via airfreight or even delivery from a local Mugele warehouse if necessary. The deliveries are managed by the international Mugele locations located as near as possible to the customer.

All of our locations in Germany and abroad have organized warehouse systems, and all orders and shipments are handled through SAP and an EDI interface with the customers.

Mugele Technik GmbH
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